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Why To Go for Gynecomastia Surgery

Enlarged breasts in men can be a cause for severe social, personal and professional embarrassment. However, now there is an answer in the form of gynecomastia surgery. Here are the things to know about it.

What it is

The reduction of enlarged breasts in men happens with a surgical procedure known as gynecomastia. The condition may well occur right during infancy or it may occur during the puberty years of a teenage boy. This is a condition that may result due to a hormonal imbalance when the excessive secretion of the female hormone or estrogen may cause the development of breasts in a male person. However, that is not the only cause for it. Such a condition may arise from the abuse of drugs, antibiotics, herbal medicines, narcotic drugs, heartburn drugs and anti-anxiety medications. It may also arise due to substance abuse and alcoholism. As can be seen, such a condition can be due to a variety of reasons and it is indeed common in today’s world.

Risk factors that can cause this condition

There are a few risk factors associated with this condition.

  • Aging, which means that when a man ages, the decrease in the secretion of testosterone or male hormones may cause such a condition.
  • Male persons who have been affected by certain diseases are also seen to sometimes develop this condition. Cirrhosis of the liver is one such disease.
  • Male persons who take certain medications may also encounter this condition.

Treating the condition

It is important to contact one’s healthcare practitioner if one feels that they are on their way to develop the condition for some reason or the other. Many times it has been found that the condition gets resolved on its own. Sometimes it is found that drugs and medications are enough to treat the condition. If none of this happens and the condition persists, the healthcare practitioner may indicate the need for surgery. However, gynecomastia surgery is not something that is mandatory for people who have been affected by this condition. But if one decides to, this cosmetic procedure can be done to reduce the size of the enlarged breasts.

Reasons to get the surgery

Going under the knife is not a decision many men will want to take for cosmetic reasons. But someone who has been continually embarrassed due to their enlarged breasts may decide to do it. The idea is to have the information necessary to go for the procedure. The good news is that the procedure is a cosmetic surgery that can be done without much hassle. Gynecomastia surgery should be done after a lot of introspection into the quality of the plastic surgeon. Care should be taken to check whether the plastic surgeon is board-certified or not. Experience is also an important factor. Whether the surgeon has experience in performing this particular surgery is something to consider. With the right surgeon, this procedure can be performed without anything to be worried about.

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