How to make your hair look stylish

Stylish Hair

Work with your curl: If you have curls in your hair, it’s beautiful, sexy and modern to play that up. Use gel to accentuate your curls. Give straight hair a lift: If you have a straight, chin length hair then add a volume enhancer and lift it off the forehead. Accessorie it with a barrette with flowers.

Go natural: You can bunch your hair in certain places, coil it and pin it with lots of small, beautiful hair accessories. The style can be playful or glamourous.

Try a very short ponytail: It’s sporty and feminine. Use a clip, or if your hair is very thick, apply hair spray or gel to help secure it.

style your hair for evening parties

On your part, there is much you can do, no matter what condition your hair is in, and no matter what length or style you have, you can try a new look. Wearing hair accessories is a great way to glam up your evening ensemble:

Hair Sticks: You may try tying a bun and locking it up with a hair stick. A sexy pair of hair sticks with stones studded on it can glam you up.

Classy Combs: Nothing can be as glamorous and appealing than a pair of classy combs. For a neat and classy look, combs can help you keep your hair in place.

Ponytail Holders: Ponytail holders can be worn over buns or chignons at cocktail parties too. Ponytail holders grip your hair and give you a sophisticated

Floral Beauty: It is one of the most popular of hair accessories. Both real and fake flowers look great in the hair. For a versatile look, you may even place an exotic bloom of real flowers in your french twist, and yes, of course, even in a bun.

Manage frizzy hair

  • Choose a style that is easy to maintain.
  • Once you have your favoured style, trim your hair at least four times a year to take care of split ends.
  • Do not layer your hair with a razor, since razors lead to split ends.
  • Don’t wash your hair everyday.
  • To upkeep your desired style, just wet your hair with some conditioner on non washing days (rinse thoroughly).
  • Blow drying hair dries it out. Avoid it.

Hair veil for profoundly supported hair:

Make solid, solid and supported hair your winter reality with this simple to-do and compelling nectar hair veil. Simply blend 2 tablespoons of nectar with 2 tablespoons of Coconut Hair Oil and back rub everything over your scalp and hair. Give it a chance to sit for 20 minutes before washing it off with a gentle cleanser. Triple integrity of lemon, henna and amla alongside coconut oil effectively enters the hair shaft in this way giving them all the food they require to develop thick, solid and sound.

Get highlights: Highlights look really chic and pretty on short hairstyles, especially if they’re layered and messy. They should be multi-dimensional, not all the same colours.

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