Focus on a Graceful Neck


A long willowy graceful neck is a symbol of beauty. If this statement describes your neck you are indeed lucky. With swan-like grace and confidence you can get away with any neck line or any choker necklace.

To the rest unfortunate of us, choker necklaces are a taboo. A slight drop necklace can add length to your otherwise short neck. Create an illusion of a long swan like neck by designing your clothes with high back and open fronts or necklines that are long and low.

The skin on your neck lacks moisture and requires constant lubrication and care. Cleansing, massaging and moisturizing your neck pays rich dividends. You will be blesses with a neck you’d be proud to show off.

While using foundation, extend it beyond the chin to your neck.

Unleashing Tension

Gently knead the dowager’s humo at the base of your neck. Rotate your head starting from the right side and moving onto the left side.

Look over your right shoulder without moving rest of your body. Return face to the front and drop your head towards your chest. Turn your head over the left shoulder and repeat. End up by tipping your head backwards.

Exercises for your Neck

1. Swing head alternatively in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction.

2. Lie flat on a bed, allowing your head to hang over the edge of the bed. Gradually raise up head and lower. Do not raise your shoulders as well.

3. Contracting and relaxing your neck muscles firms up flabby necks.

4. Hold your head high while you walk.

The Balancing Act

Holding your head erect, walk down with a book balanced on your head.

Natural Remedies

1. Combine together equal parts of egg white, rosewater and glycerin. Apply over neck and allow to dry before rinsing off. This is excellent for lined and wrinkled neck.

2. Oatmeal powder made into a paste using lemon juice cleanses and bleaches neck.

3. The pulp of an avocado combined with lemon juice bleaches and smoothness dry skin.

4. Equal quantity of lanolin and cocoa butter is heated using the double boiling method. Massage this soft cream and leave over night.

5. Rub on pure cucumber juice to bleach neck.

Double Chin

Double chins do not look good on anyone. It proves the sluggish life you are leading.

1. Avoid using high or a pile of pillows while sleeping.

2. Slap on cold water below chin several times.

3. chew gum.

4. Sit erect and raise your arms behind your head. Your elbows must be folded with fingers entwined bend head backwards as far as you can resisting your arms.

5. The balancing act is an effective exercise for double chins too!

Apply olive oil or any vegetable oil under chin and along throat. Start with strokes from the base of throat to the jawline. Tap with light pressure on the double chin and then stroke. Keep alternating.

Perfect Posture

Posture is that graceful line that goes a long way to make or break your personality profile.

Wherever and whenever, an erect posture can add inches to your height and take inches off your weight, making you look taller, slimmer and graceful.

You have a perfect ‘posture’, if you stand against the wall keeping your feet three inches away from it and then find that your head, shoulders and bottom touch the wall.

Well if they don’t, then it means you have a hunch and you slump and slouch. Straighten up and move with grace and confidence.

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