Do You Want to Look Like a Star?

Beauty Course

Are you going to the party? We will tell you how to look gorgeous even if you are exhausted.

Our professional advice will change you into a star.

You have to start your makeup at least 1.5 hours before leaving. Do not hurry – it may spoil the pleasure and effect. If you plan a date, take an aromatic bath and lit candles. But if you plan a crazy evening on a dance floor – choose an energizing shower. Play your favourite music to get into a proper mood. Remember about face scrub – makeup looks better on fresh skin.

Slowly and carefully

This is the basic rule in evening makeup. Apply makeup foundation with a sponge or your fingers, choose a tone similar to your skin colour. What dominates in this season is strong eye makeup.

Expert, says: “Emphasize eyes with an eyeliner. If you draw a line at the bottom of eyelashes, they will look thicker and it will ‘open’ eyes. You can use dark glossy shadow on your upper lid (use some also on a bottom lid). If you don’t want your eyes to look like panda’s after a few hours, always use powder eye shadows. Creamy ones smudge more easily. Apply three or four layers of mascara, beginning at the bottom of eyelashes so they appear thicker. Now it’s time for blush – lively (e.g. pink, apricot or peach) and glossy to make you look bright. How to apply it? Smile widely and brush raised part of cheeks.”

Lips – choose a lip gloss so they will seem bigger and sexier. Lip gloss is also easier to make corrections than a lipstick. You prefer a stronger makeup? Choose a red tone.

To make your hair use something which increases volume and raises hair at the bottom.

Remember about nails (it’s obvious that you have to do the manicure earlier) – use dark enamel, and about eyebrows. They must be plucked and coloured to make your face more expressive. Use a liner or a shadow similar to your hair colour.

Experts’ advice

  • Do you want to have bright relaxed eyes – apply special drops or make a compress: add a teaspoon of chamomile and dill to two glasses of water, boil for 3 minutes. Drip cotton pads into the brew and put on eyes for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Before applying mascara, use eyelash curler – your eyes will seem bigger. If you use a white liner on the inner part of your bottom eyelid, it will also hide redness.
  • Avoid orange lipstick or lip gloss – they make your teeth look yellow. Do not get rid of spots before a party (at the same day) – it will look disastrous. Use a concealer instead.
  • Do not pluck eyebrows or remove hair before the party – do it one or two days earlier. Solarium and bronzing cosmetics are also risky – they may live patches. Use bronzing powder instead. And the most important thing in order to look gorgeous – have enough sleep (at least eight hours, similar to top models before going on a catwalk).

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