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Belly Fat and Stress: Discover the Link

belly fat

Belly fat can be an unavoidable nightmare for many. You check your weight and find you are overweight. You had expected that even before getting on the weight machine. So you start with your regime of regular exercise, work outs in full sincerity and hold on to your determination of following a healthy calorie-burning diet. But you just cannot get rid of that belly fat no matter how hard you try. The weirdest part of all is that you may even observe that your fat is reducing in almost every other part of your body, thanks to your dedication to healthy eating and exercises, except your belly of course. It is sad and annoying, right? You are doing almost everything to reduce your belly fat and that’s the only thing which is not going away. So you are pushed to ponder why this is happening. According to research, there are hidden stress which can lead to cortisol production in your body and hence result in the accumulation of your unwanted belly fat. In order to unearth solutions for this infuriating problem, you must first understand the details of the bodily mechanism which can lead to the belly fat accumulation.

Research studies show that your body tends to produce a hormone known as cortisol whenever you come across stress. Studies have further demonstrated that this cortisol is linked with the “Fight or Flight” mechanism built into your body which is an indispensible mechanism because it aids you in fighting or fleeing for your life. While in this modern technological age, you typically don’t literally have to run for your life every now and then, you still do have to face excessive stress in your routine lives. And such stressful situations can lead to generation of cortisol in your body. This cortisol tends to indicate your body to store belly fat so that you can have a fat reserve for your next stressful moment. Want to know the worst aspect of this? For the belly fat accumulation to occur, this mechanism pushes you toward sweet and fat laden foods. Thus, no matter how much you exercise, your body’s defense mechanism is actually mutely working against your weight reduction goal.

Now that you know how fat gets accumulated in your belly, you can get yourself educated about the supplements that counter the effects of stress and hence, help in reducing belly fat. A number of nutrients can help you with this, including magnesium and B vitamins, which can aid in relaxation and elevation of your mood. You should take 400 to 600 mg of magnesium and full complex of B Vitamins every day. It is better to take individual supplementation since most of the multivitamin pills do not provide the required quantities of these nutrients. You can eat almonds, pistachios, and walnuts all of which are a rich source of B Vitamins and healthy fats. You can also take Holy Basil which is an herb that reduces cortisol levels. It is suggested that you take 400 mg of this herb 2 to 3 times per day. Even amino acid supplement L-theanine can aid you to relax. It can be found in supplements which you can take in 50 to 150 mg per dose. However if you don’t want to take supplemental forms, you can always drink green tea which naturally contains this amino acid supplement. When you cortisol peaks and pushes you towards a fat laden snack, you can go for avocados which are a healthy alternative to saturated fat rich ice-creams. Other healthy alternatives that can help you relax and reduce stress are skim milk which has calcium to reduce muscle spasms and soothe tension, oatmeal and dark chocolate which have complex carbohydrates that stimulates the brain to produce extra quantities of stress relieving serotonin, oranges which has Vitamin C to reduce stress and blood pressure, salmon which has omega-3 fatty acids that controls cortisol from rising and spinach which has Magnesium that can help in reducing stress levels.

You can also exercise in order to deal with the effects of stress. This is because exercising causes your body to discharge endorphins which are chemicals released in the brain. They tend to have a soothing effect by monitoring and lowering the stress hormone cortisol. Thus you should do some form of moderate exercise for at least half an hour every day. You can opt for swimming, walking, or even yoga, all of which will help you to reduce cortisol and boost your resilience to stress.

Now that you know how your own body can work to increase your belly fat, you have better chances to be able to fight with this problem via keeping simple food as mentioned above in your daily eating routine and a mere half an hour of exercise every day.

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